The photograph that really kind of started me off

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A full set of Frank Turner photographers from his gig at Standon Calling 2014 alongside The Sleeping Souls

 Frank Turner joined Beans on Toast on the main stage at Standon Calling yesterday

London Southbank 16.05.2014

London, 2014.04.26

A large crossdressing fashion shoot is going to be published tonight!

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Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs take on Hitchin’s Club 85



So the vlog is taking a bit longer than I thought because my Premiere is playing up a wee bit so I thought I’d write a post about the photography equipment I usually take on trips and to shoots.

I almost always take my laptop, an old HP which isn’t that great but still just about gets the job done. I’m running Lightroom 4.3, Photoshop CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6. I sometimes use StarStaX but not very often.

My two digital cameras are an old Nikon D100 and a Nikon D7000. The D100 was my first DSLR and it isn’t used that much anymore. However, it has a mean almost film effect because the sensor is slightly damaged so it is quite useful from time to time. My D7000 is a real workhorse and is used all the time. I shoot most of my pictures on it and all of my video.

The four carabiners up there are usually used for when I’m climbing but they also come in useful when I head out to photograph in an outside location. I use them to attach my camera straps to things (like my bag) to make sure they don’t get stolen, as well as hanging them from handrails and the like.

An assorted bunch of memory cards are needed. The D100 takes Compact Flashcards and I use 8GB SanDisk’s for that one. My D7000 has two memory card slots for SDs, and I use an 8GB SanDisk for filming and a 4GB Maxwell as a back up. I’m looking into expanding and getting more memory cards soon as at the moment I only have the ability to capture about two hours of 1080p footage on those cards.

Everything is backed up to my 500GB WD MyPassport hard drive. 

I’ve got an 18-70mm Nikkor f3.5, a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and a Nikkor 70-200mm that I usually take with me. I generally use the 50mm for filming thanks to the narrow depth of field and cinematic look, whilst the 18-70 is used for wides and the 70-200mm for far away stuff. My 50 is also used mainly for photographs too. I like working with a prime because it makes me think more about the shot and the glass is just better than my beat up 18mm.

The tobacco tin holds the cards I hand to people who take part in my The Streets Are Full Of Us project (follow the link for more information.)

The mouse is just a cheap and small wireless one I bought a while back. It’s sat on a scrap bit of wood I can use as a mouse mat wherever. It also acts as a clipboard style thing too.

My phone and iPod are there just because I carry them anyway. My phone isn’t good for the internet so I always try and use my iPod and free wifi.

And finally, it all fits in the MOLLE backpack I bought a few years ago off the internet. 

(Stuff that I didn’t photograph because I forgot: -laptop charger -Manfrotto Compact monopod and SLIK Tripod)

I wrote this post on my personal blog but it is very relevant to this blog too.

It’s cold out so let me bring the stars to you

L’Ecolle Militaire reflected in sunglasses. Paris, Summer 2013

Sitting in a radio tower l above my town. I sliced my palm on some barbed wire on the way up to the top.


Surreal portrait